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Church of the Good Samaritan

E100 Readings

The E100 Challenge - 100 passages of scripture over 100 days - is a great way to start reading or deepening your reading of the Bible. We completed this challenge as a parish in 2011 and the impact is still being felt as God works powerfully through His word.

We suggest you read with an "accountability partner" to challenge and encourage you to complete the readings each week.

Readings here are from the English Standard Version of the Bible, chosen for it's clarity and use of plain English.  Please feel free to read using any reputable Bible translation of your choosing!

The Essential 100 Bible Reading Plan was created by Scripture Union Canada. 

Old Testament.

in the beginning.

1 Creation read here.
2 The Fall read here.
3 The Flood read here.
4 God’s Covenant with Noah read here.
5 Tower of Babel read here.

abraham, isaac and jacob.

6 The Call of Abram read here.
7 God’s Covenant with Abram read here.
8 Isaac’s Birth and ‘Sacrifice’ read here.
9 Jacob and Esau Compete read here.
10 Jacob and Esau Reconcile read here.

the story of joseph.

11 Sold into Slavery read here.
12 Prison and Promotion read here.
13 Ten Brothers go to Egypt read here.
14 The Brothers Return read here.
15 Joseph Reveals His Identity read here.

moses and the exodus.

16 Birth of Moses read here.
17 The Burning Bush read here.
18 The Ten Plagues read here.
19 Passover and Exodus read here.
20 Crossing the Red Sea read here.

the law and the land.

21 The Ten Commandments read here.
22 The Golden Calf read here.
23 Joshua Succeeds Moses read here.
24 Crossing the Jordan read here.
25 The Fall of Jericho read here.

the judges.

26 Israel‘s Disobedience read here.
27 Deborah Leads Israel read here.
28 Gideon Defeats the Midianites read here.
29 Sampson Defeats the Philistines read here.
30 The Story of Ruth read here.

the rise of israel.

31 Samuel Listens to God read here.
32 King Saul read here.
33 David and Goliath read here.
34 David and Saul read here.
35 King David read here.

the fall of israel.

36 David and Bathsheba read here.
37 King Solomon read here.
38 Solomon’s Temple read here.
39 Elijah and the Prophets of Baal read here.
40 The Fall of Jerusalem read here.

psalms and proverbs.

41 The Lord is My Shepherd read here.
42 Have Mercy on Me read here.
43 Praise the Lord read here.
44 Godly Wisdom read here.
45 Proverbs of Solomon read here.

the prophets.

46 The Suffering Servant read here.
47 Jeremiah’s Call and Message read here.
48 Daniel in the Lion’s Den read here.
49 The Story of Jonah read here.
50 The Day of Judgment read here.

New Testament.

in the beginning.

51 The Word Became Flesh read here.
52 Gabriel’s Message read here.
53 The Birth of Jesus read here.
54 John the Baptist read here.
55 Baptism and Temptation read here.

the teaching of jesus.

56 Sermon on the Mount – Part 1 read here.
57 Sermon on the Mount– Part 2 read here.
58 The Kingdom of Heaven read here.
59 The Good Samaritan read here.
60 Lost and Found read here.

the miracles of jesus.

61 Feeding the Five Thousand read here.
62 Walking on Water read here.
63 Healing the Blind Man read here.
64 Healing a Demon Possessed Man read here.
65 Raising Lazarus from the Dead read here.

the cross of christ.

66 The Last Supper read here.
67 Arrest and Trial read here.
68 The Crucifixion read here.
69 The Resurrection read here.
70 The Ascension read here.

the church is born.

71 The Day of Pentecost read here.
72 Growth and Persecution read here.
73 The First Martyr read here.
74 Sharing the Word read here.
75 Good News for All read here.

the travels of paul.

76 The Road to Damascus read here.
77 The First Missionary Journey read here.
78 The Council at Jerusalem read here.
79 More Missionary Journeys read here.
80 The Trip to Rome read here.

paul to the churches.

81 More than Conquerors read here.
82 The Fruit of the Spirit read here.
83 The Armour of God read here.
84 Rejoice in the Lord read here.
85 The Supremacy of Christ read here.

paul to the leaders.

86 Elders and Deacons read here.
87 The Love of Money read here.
88 Good Soldiers of Christ read here.
89 All Scripture is God-breathed read here.
90 The Coming of the Lord read here.

the apostles’ teaching.

91 The Most Excellent Way read here.
92 A New Creation in Christ read here.
93 A Living Hope read here.
94 Faith and Works read here.
95 Love One Another read here.

the revelation.

96 A Voice and a Vision read here.
97 Messages to the Churches read here.
98 The Throne of Heaven read here.
99 Hallelujah! read here.
100 The New Jerusalem read here.