As Christians in the Anglican tradition, we are committed to strengthening family life through healthy marriages and Christian education.

As Christians, Baptism (either infant or adult) is an important step in the journey of faith.  In baptism we, or our parents and sponsors on our behalf, reject our sinful ways, turn away from Satan and the works of the devil, and profess our faith in Jesus Christ as the way to the God the Father.  

Normatively, we are pleased to baptize the children of parishioners, and any adults who wish to join the parish but have not received the sacrament of baptism.  The Rector provides teaching around the sacrament of baptism for parents and godparents before the date of the celebration. Generally, baptisms are celebrated at the main service on Sunday.

In our Anglican tradition, the sacrament of Confirmation is when those who have been baptized are brought before the bishop to reaffirm their baptismal vows (or affirm the vows taken on their behalf by their parents and sponsors) and to receive the laying on of hands and prayers to be strengthened by the Holy Spirit to live the life of faith.  As a sacrament, this is the outward sign of a maturing Christian faith, together with God's promise to provide the grace for further maturation.  Candidates for confirmation receive training on aspects of the Christian faith, the importance and organization of the Church, and on living a Christian life - together known as the Catecism.

At Good Samaritan, we are pleased to share in joining a man and woman in the sacrament of Holy Matrimony. Normatively, weddings at Good Samaritan are limited to those who are members of our parish family, subject to the bylaws of our parish and diocese.  Marriages are an important part of our journey together as a Church family, and the vocation to married life is nothing to be taken lightly. 

Please speak to the Rector for more information about the sacraments of Basptism, Confirmation, and/or Holy Matrimony.